ReferralCoins Technical Specifications

Information about ReferralCoins for those who have a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency has the potential to impact various aspects of the the global economy as well as the referral marketing industry directly . Cryptocurrency can reduce costs and increase efficiencies by reducing complexities in transaction handling.

ReferralCoins are a dedicated cryptocurrency designed to support the referral marketing industry. ReferralCoins leverage existing, open technologies to maximize the potential benefits for network supporters.

ReferralCoins make use of the proof-of-stake system for network transaction validation. This is frequently cited as the more environmentally friendly and cost effective mechanism for maintaining a cryptocurrency network.


Standard wallet software and client applications are available to maximize usage of ReferralCoins in open markets.

Block Explorer

Transaction tracking and ledger searching is made available through a dedicated block explorer.


Additional functionality is provided to network members through access to transactional operations using dedicated systems.