How To Get ReferralCoins?

Become part of the ReferralCoin Network and participate in the digital economy.

ReferralCoins are a digital token, also known as cryptocurrency. ReferralCoins get their value because they are a limited supply of a digital token. Digital tokens can be electronically transferred between anyone who uses the network software. The network software is an open-source system that can be freely modified by anyone but applied only if the majority of users on the network agree.

Digital tokens are a very secure method for exchanging value across a network. The usefulness of digital tokens has been demonstrated and new applications for digital tokens are still being discovered.

Although the potential for ReferralCoins is unlimited, as a digital token the supply of ReferralCoins is fixed. The quantity of available ReferralCoins is strictly controlled so the value of ReferralCoins can be subject to open market conditions.

The supply of ReferralCoins can only be increased by the network software. As someone who is in possession of ReferralCoins, you will be rewarded with an annual increase of your own supply.

As the network of people, groups, organizations and companies supporting ReferralCoins grows, the uses for ReferralCoins will also expand. As the network expands, more uses for ReferralCoins will emerge. The value of ReferralCoins has great potential as the uses for ReferralCoins increases.

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