ReferralCoins: The Future of the Referral Economy

ReferralCoins are digital tokens dedicated to the referral marketing industry.

Cryptocurrency is a system based on cryptography supported by a peer-to-peer network to enable the exchange of digital tokens. Within the network there are a predefined number of tokens. The value of the tokens is determined by factors such as usability and market redemption potential.

The value of a cryptocurrency is driven by supply and demand so the more a cryptocurrency is used, the higher its demand and potential value. When using ReferralCoins you become part of a global network. Using ReferralCoins you are able to make payments and transfer tokens to and from any part of the world. Transactions using ReferralCoins are part of a network dedicated to the referral marketing industry.

Enhanced Marketing

Reach a greater audience. Benefit from the network effects of using ReferralCoins to help increase interest and awareness of your offerings.

Improved Efficiency

Save time with the functionality offered by ReferralCoins as a payment processing system. It is the ideal solution for complex payment structures.

Increased Productivity

Boost your bottom line. Do more with your time by focusing on the tasks you do well while you also reap the benefits of using cryptocurrency.