The first decentralized digital token dedicated to the multibillion dollar referral economy.

The referral economy has transformed and expanded exponentially since the spread of social media. Network marketing is responsible for billions of transactional dollars with millions of global participants. The network marketing business is vast and complex with it’s own set of unique challenges. ReferralCoin was built for those challenges.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is unique in its economic structure. Using digital tokens can significantly, positively benefit this industry in many ways. Although there are obvious cost-savings optimizations, there also exists potential for benefits that are yet undiscovered.

Dedicated Solutions

Digital tokens can optimize payment flow for network marketing organizations. Instant transaction processing enables faster turnaround for order fulfillment resulting in improved overall customer experience and an increased bottom line.

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The future of referral marketing

ReferralCoins create opportunities and benefits for network marketing and affiliate sales.

More Potential

Market opportunities become expanded and enhanced through the network effect of digital token use.

Better Connections

The network supporting ReferralCoins includes leaders and innovators who recognize potential.

Faster Growth

Gain efficiencies and grow quicker using tools and services that set your organization apart.